Exchange Student Seek Host Families for 2013-14 School.Year

January is not only the start of a new calendar year with resolutions to lose weight; its a time for potential host families to consider a new adventure in their lives.  The Aspect Foundation and their Coordinators in the Pikes Peak Region are looking for host families willing to accept a high school student from one of 27 different countries around the world.

Duane Slocum is the Coordinator group leader, which includes Sarah Nigh, who lives in the Skyway area, Susan Adam, who lives within the Dist. 11 and works at Pine Creek, Denice Mestice and Tobie Price who focus on Dist 49 and Fountain-Ft. Carson areas.  Slocum is a long time resident in Rockrimmon area and works with Dist 20 and Dist 38.

Host Families (HF's) come in many different shapes and sizes.  A HF may be more traditional with children in the home, or a single parent or empty nesters.  Slocum said, "The primary requjisite is to enjoy the adventure and look forward to selecting a teenager to live within their home for the coming school year."

Students arrive with good English speaking and writing skills. They have health insurance and spending money from their parents, which is put into their debit card account.  Students are not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs or drive a vehicle during their stay.  Most come with a laptop computer.  Students arrive in early August, usually one week before classes begin.  This allows the HF time to get their student enrolled and classes selected.  Aspect sponsored students are required to take an English and U.S. History class; yet are free to select any other classes they might enjoy or need.

Potential HF's will have access to a database of several hundred students from around the world.  The HF can look for a specific language or for skills and interests, which fit well within their family.  Each student has a detailed profile and letter of introduction on the database.

Interested HF's should contact Slocum at: 599-8955 or via email: for additional information and consideration to start the application process.

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