January is the time of year for families to seriously consider hosting an exchange student from any of 27 different countries around the world.  Duane Slocum is the International Coordinator for Aspect Foundation in the Pikes Peak region.

"Each year I have five Host Families (HF's) in my group.  For the coming school year, I already have four families and looking for that last one.  My current group includes three girls from Norway and onr girl from France," stated Slocum.

Host families come in many different shapes and sizes.  A HF maybe have children at home, be an empty nester or be single.  Slocum said, :"The primary requiste is to enjoy the adventure and look forward to selecting a high school teenager to be in their home for the coming school year."


Students arrive with good English speaking and writing skills.  The have health insurance and spending money.  Most students come with a laptop computer. Students aren't allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs or drive a motorized vehicle during their stay.  Students arrive in early August, usually  a week before classes begin.


Potential HF's have access to a database of hundred's of student from around the world.  Each student has a detailed profile and personal letter for the potential HF to review.  Students may attend any of the high schools within the Pikes Peak region


Contact Slocum at 599-8955 or via email at: slocumduane@hotmail.com for more information or to start the application process.





Phot:  Lena from Germany attending school in Dust 20 this year.


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