It is with very heavy heart, this I forward the information that Mr. Frank G. Montera, the band director for 10 years at Palmer High School, has passed away this week. He came to us from Walsenburg, CO where (as I told him) when I learned this blurted out, "Oh, great! We're getting a potato farmer!" Boy was I wrong.    This man was a ball of fire. We all learned of his passion for his craft - music & teaching music and quickly.

He started the band off in marching competitions, in Stage / Jazz Band, performing around town for various events. The first marching one we went to, we took 2nd place and were embarrassed. Not for OUR loss, but for HIS loss! For more than 6 yrs, that was the ONLY 2nd place that was taken - all others were 1st! Remember when the "new court house / jail was dedicated in 1973-ish? We were there. Most of those are still done, to this day. To even performing a Denver Bronco halftime, in the fall of '74 - AFTER I graduated.

After his 10 yrs at Palmer, he was promoted to the Music Head at D11 at the Admin building, where he spent another 15 yrs. His influence over the entire district was seen, immediately. After his retiring from D11, as he told me; PPCC called him. The person they hired to teach Music Theory did not work out and was leaving - could he help them out? He had been retired 6 months and he went back to teaching! He remained there until his end. He was still very, um  "instrumental" in planning and / or judging various concert and marching competitions, around the area.

All of his efforts led to him being inducted into: The Colo High School Activities Assoc, The Colo Music Educators Assoc and the Colo Bandmasters Assoc -- the only person in all 3! (at the time of his 2010 reunion, The Era of Montera...)

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