Clinton Insults US Marines, is Accused of Creating a ‘Death Trap’, and Hollers, “What difference…does it make?” at Benghazi Investigation Hearings

“What difference, at this point, does it make?” asks Secretary of State Clinton when questioned as to why our administration lied about the terrorist attack at the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.


On January 23, 2013 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared before the Senate and House investigative committees to present her testimony on the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which claimed the lives of US Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, the ambassador’s assistant, Sean Smith, and two former US Navy Seals, Tyron Woods and Glen Doherty, who went in to defend the consulate while it was under attack.

In her first appearance before congress addressing the situation in Benghazi, Clinton displayed a wide variety of emotions but gave no new information as to why the administration of the United States of America chose not to send in available military aid in an attempt to rescue Americans under attack in Benghazi. Clinton further appeared to be confused as to why anyone should be concerned if the administration lied to the American people about the nature of the attack by insisting that it was a YouTube video censorship protest gone awry. Nearly two weeks after the attack the administration finally admitted that it was a pre-planned terrorist attack linked to Al Qaida affiliates and not a spontaneous protest as they had initially claimed.

Clinton’s testimony before congress was delayed for over four months while she recovered from health issues ranging from the flu, to a concussion, to concern over blood clots in her brain. She did exhibit a wide range of symptoms which could indicate brain injury, including volatile emotions and irrational thinking.

While reigning Democrats used their five minutes of investigative question and answer time to give a public display of their adoration of Clinton (which she received with smiles and generous nods) and to express their hopes that she will run in the presidential election of 2016, Republicans seemed to understand the point of the hearings. They were eager to discover what happened in Benghazi, occasionally adding to Clinton’s headaches with serious questions pertaining to security issues there.

In response to a question begging to understand why the State Department didn’t use Marines at their disposal to protect the consulate, Clinton responded with, "The Marines....most of them are very young." It appeared to be an insinuation that she didn’t think U.S. Marines were as capable of defending our consulate as the hired Libyan nationals. She also neglected to address the pertinent issue that most of the Libyan nationals contracted by the State Department for security purposes at the consulate appeared to have either been in league with the terrorists or too afraid to resist the attack as they opened the gates and fled.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R) of South Carolina admonished her for saying she was ‘clear eyed’ about the situation in Benghazi with the retort, “Madame Secretary, you let the consulate become a death trap."

The most dramatic moments of the testimony came when Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson (R) questioned her concerning why it took so long for the administration to admit that it was a terrorist attack. Clinton raised her voice and gestured dramatically, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

In light of the fact that Clinton may indeed be suffering brain damage from which she may never recover, here are some points addressing why it does make a difference:

  • Four Americans were killed in a terrorist attack, which the Libyan President is on record as having said he forewarned the United States of America about days before 9/11.
  • Our administration is responsible for security lapses at the consulate.
  • Appropriate action was not taken to protect our Ambassador and citizens.
  • To have not taken heed of the warning about an impending attack, or sent available military aid to assist our citizens under attack, is a treasonous violation of this administration’s sworn oaths to protect Americans.
  • Lying about it after the fact for political gain is shameful and cowardly.

Clinton has repeatedly stated that she takes ‘full responsibility’ for what happened in Benghazi, but her testimony on Wednesday was more of a ‘the buck stops somewhere around here’ proclamation while she attempted to side step each serious inquiry into the topic at hand.


For information on 9/11/2012 terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya visit:

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She's going to be the next president. Just a prediction.



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