Glorious musical sounds filled the Cheyenne Mountain High School auditorium on the evening of November 15th as the New Horizons Band of Colorado Springs played a variety of pieces both reflective and entertaining. 


The band’s director, Ed Nuccio, started the Colorado Springs chapter about ten years ago after he retired from teaching band for Cheyenne Mountain schools.  The band operates on funding generated from minimal ticket prices and individual donations.  


Volunteer band members, professionals in other fields, meet two to three times per week for rehearsals and perform twice a year in the auditorium as well as a few creekside concerts in the summer. 


A look out over the top of the audience revealed mostly elderly faces with a sprinkling of baby boomers suggesting there would be no punk rock music played at this concert.  Instead, listeners were favored with marches, humorous numbers, and tunes spanning the decades.   


The most touching number was “Elegy for the U.S.S. Arizona,” during which a slide show was presented featuring images of the individual members of the Navy band who perished when the ship went down on the morning of December 7, 1941.  The music and pictures brought back scenes to the minds of those who could remember what they were doing the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. 


The next concert by NHBCOS will be performed March 14, 2013.  True music lovers of any age will not be disappointed to spend some time with gifted musicians serving the community with splendid tunes.

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