New Church transforms old "Mr. Biggs" building - hosts their first Christmas Services in new location

Dominion Christian Center is a new church (the second church to lease the former "Mr. Biggs" building in recent years).  Pastor Mike Popovich says, "the building that was virtually vacant is now fully leased!  We are a part of a thriving real estate property - it's been a blessing praying for the property's success - we are glad the commercial land is thriving now. Their hosting their first Christmas services in their new location 5825 Mark Dabling Blvd, 80919 (the south entrance).  Sunday Service: 12/23 at 10AM and Monday's Christmas Eve Service: 12/24 at 7PM.  Even in the midsts of many tragic events this year, is it possible to have hope this Christmas? Pastor Mike says, "There's no question there's evil in the world, but here's the good news that Jesus gave us - He (God) said the gospel means good news...everything changed on the cross.  I (God) will keep no record of sin.  And, here's also what he said - it's no longer according to your lack on earth, it's according to my (God's) riches in glory! It's no longer according to your failures on earth, it's according to my (God's) success...Whether you've had failures in business, in relationships, I don't care what it is...He (God) said, I will restore it.  So, stop trying to do it on your own.  Receive the good news of Jesus Christ and see if your situation doesn't turn around.  Come join us for Christmas services and discover the kind of peace, hope, and joy that remains long after the presents are unwrapped this Christmas season." 

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