The Exchange Club of Falcon recognized Deputy Severt Morgenson as Law Officer of the Year 2012.  A number of his piers wanted to nominate the deputy for this award, as they recounted “Mogi’s” accolades:  always willing to come in on his days off and fill in if needed; one of the biggest team players with a positive influence; just plain and simple, a good man deserving of this award!

But, there is more to this frontrunner.  As a Drill Instructor he “instills self-discipline, motivation and respect for himself and others”, Lietenant Caron M. Allen expressed in his recommendation letter, as read by Commander Clif Northam.  He went on to say that “Deputy Morgenson’s responsibilities “as a Drill Instructor require him to make home and school visits, and to prepare evaluations for parents.  Deputy Morgenson has been involved in the Young Marines, a Drug Determent Program for children from ages 8 to 18.  ”.  His duties range from assisting with Junior and Senior Leadership classes and Physical Fitness testing, as well as staging mock vehicle accidents to demonstrate the potential catastrophic effects of drinking and driving, or texting and talking on a cell phone while driving.  Because of his dedication for the last two years, the program is ongoing with successful candidates graduating after three months of training.

On behalf of the Exchange Club, Community Service Chairperson, Leonore Misner, presented Deputy Severt Morgenson this prestigious award.

Leonore further stated that the Exchange Club of Falcon invites the community to acknowledge this and other happy moments of being a part of this club, “It is my interest in helping the community of Falcon that has spurred me on to enthusiastically continue participation in the Exchange Club”.  “Won’t YOU consider meeting with us on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evening (6 p.m.) at the Golden Corral on Woodmen at Powers and give us your ideas?”    Call Jim Sebestyen, President 495-3596.

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