National School Choice Week took place the week of January 28 through February 1st at Imagine Indigo Ranch and it was a huge success.  The week was filled with activities that presented school pride and academic accomplishments.  Teachers wore their school choice scarves and students wore spirited stickers. School announcements were made by students and administrators to give a big thank you to our students and a thank you letter was sent home to all the families to show our gratitude.  The families that choose our school are why we are the best school of choice.

The school events showed how thankful we are that the community chooses our school.  We celebrated with a Student of the Month lunch on Tuesday, January 29th with a student from every class receiving a certificate and a special lunch with their families.  This month’s core virtue was courage.  Students that show that they will face new challenges even in the face of fear were chosen to be recognized this week.

The annual Imagine Science Fair took place on January 31st for fourth through eighth graders and it was the most phenomenal event our school has ever seen.  Students displayed their knowledge and achievement with their exemplary projects.  Fifty dedicated parents volunteered as judges and teachers worked hard to make the event meaningful for their students.  Students exhibited their understanding of the scientific method through- out the day and judging took place into the evening.  Grades first through third were able to view the projects and get excited about being a part of the science fair in the future.  Parents were invited to view the projects from 4 o’clock to 6 o’clock.  An awards assembly for the science fair was Friday, February 2nd.  The gym was filled with grades three through eighth, parents, and teachers to celebrate the students who were awarded for their success.

Science Core Knowledge day filled the hallways.  First grade celebrated Space Day with rotating from each class and completing a different project on space that taught the students about planets, the sun and moon, stars, and constellations.  They became experts on our solar system by experiencing space with hands-on activities that made their learning come alive. Second grade celebrated with the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo mobile experience.  Zoo volunteers brought many different animals to share with students.  They learned about their habitats, their characteristics, and much more.  The second grade students also decorated the halls with their projects on insects.  Third grade students completed hands-on experiments with the study of light.  They discovered reflection, refraction, and the spectrum of color.  They were introduced the scientific method as they explored light with flashlights, mirrors, prisms, and more.  Scientific exploration was happening throughout the week.

Academic achievement was buzzing throughout the entire school.  The Geography Bee winner that will enter the state competition was announced.  The Spelling Bee contestants in grades first through eighth were also announced.  The Spelling Bee will take place on February 21st. Imagine Character Essays were in their final drafts throughout the school for the nation-wide contest.  Teachers guided students through the writing process as students exquisitely reflected on the core virtues that make our school a school worth choosing. 

The entire staff united on Friday, February 1st with the Professional Association of Colorado Educators representative and celebrated Imagine Indigo Ranch as their school of choice.  We are thankful that dedicated, enthusiastic leaders have chosen to be a part of our school.  Wearing their yellow school choice scarves, a memorable picture was taken of the staff to show our pride. Our character education, high academic standards, and our core knowledge curriculum make us the best school of choice. 

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