The Bock Family Legacy Collection ~ Open House & Display

The Bock Family Legacy Collection

Open House & Display

March 2, 2013 ~ 11:00 to 4:00

Old Colorado City History Center

1 S. 24th Street, Colorado Springs


In 2003, after several years of failed negotiations with the cities of Manitou and Colorado Springs, developers, and open space advocates the Bock family agreed to sell the well known breath-taking Red Rock Canyon property.  The Colorado Springs City Council voted unanimously to acquire the property and the deal was sealed – the 789 acre property was now officially protected open space. 

The story of the property goes back to the late 1880s with its sandstone and limestone quarries, Indian encampments and homesteaders.  Enter John G. Bock who moved here in 1923 due to health reasons and then began to acquire the land, piece by piece over a period of 20 years.  He developed it by building dams, roads, and trails. He planted grass, trees, and removed industrial remains. At 31st & Colorado Avenue, he built a tourist camp and operated a pony riding stable using leased property in the canyon for rides.   

His sons, John S. and Richard were born in the 1920’s and by 1938, he and wife Sylvia owned most of the private land in RRC, about 650 acres. After his death in 1966, at age 77, the spectacular property was deeded to his sons.

In the 1970’s the son’s had grandiose plans for the property: a resort community, world trade center, a golf course, high-rise towers and more.   In 2002, John S. died and so did the plans for “The Red Rock Canyon Project.”  

The Legacy Continues

The Historical Society will host an open house featuring recently donated/loaned memorabilia, books, never-seen family photos, news articles, scrap books and detailed architectural plans/drawings for the property as well as other work.   The open house is free.

Join us as we celebrate the ten year anniversary of the acquisition of this historic property. 

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