Roosters Talks to Sky Sox Announcer about Third Inning Trivia Contest

Contest that celebrates the history and lore of “America’s Game” makes its annual return to the airwaves

Play ball! Baseball is back and with it a flood of memories as the boys of summer return to the diamond. Since the barbershop has traditionally been a place to gather and discuss sports, it’s only fitting that Roosters Men’s Grooming Center should sponsor the Third Inning Trivia Contest during radio coverage. And, it got us thinking: what is it about baseball that makes grown men (and women) want to remember obscure facts and figures about baseball? The Rooster decided to go to the source and ask Sky Sox announcer Dan Karcher.


For Sky Sox announcer, love of sport is not a trivial pursuit:


Dan Karcher has loved baseball for as long as he can remember. “I recall going to Anaheim with my Dad to see the Angels when I was a kid and years later when I went with my Dad and my siblings. Those kind of memories stick with you,” he states.

Q. Why do people love trivia?

A. “Baseball is such an historic sport; it’s part of the fabric of our country. Trivia connects us to the past, to when we were kids. There is a certain mystique to it,” Dan replies.


Roosters owner Kevan Worley agrees. “As part of our community involvement, Roosters likes supporting the Sky Sox and the traditions of baseball on the radio. Frankly, Roosters evokes a time when men would hang out at their local barber shop listening to baseball on the radio and arguing about who the best players of all time were.”

Q. Where are people when they listen to you?

A. According to Dan, “A lot of people bring their radio to the ballpark. In the old days it was a transistor radio, now it’s an iPod. If they can’t make it to the game I picture a lot of people listening to the game in their cars, or maybe while they are tinkering in the garage or doing yard work.”


Q. How does listening differ from viewing?

A. “Radio is often called a theater of the mind. When you listen on radio, you get to use your imagination. Most of us know what a baseball park looks like, so we can visualize it while we listen.”


Q. Where can we find you?

A. “The Sky Sox games broadcast on AM 1300, known as ‘The Animal.’


Q. How has easy access to answers online affected the trivia contest?

A. “It’s taken a bit of the fun out of it, he replies. “Don’t get me wrong, as a play-by-play announcer the ability to look up stats in a hurry is a lifesaver. But we have made the trivia questions a little more complicated and a bit more obscure, which should keep it challenging.”


Q. How long has the Third Inning Trivia Contest been in existence?

A. “About 19 of the 23 years I’ve been announcing,” says Dan.


Q. What’s in it for the listener?

A. “I’m told that Third Inning Trivia winners receive a free haircut and a shave, known as ‘The Gentlemen’s Choice Package’ from Roosters, which is pretty cool.”


So, whether you are at home, in your car or at the ballpark, don’t forget to turn on your radio. Who knows, you might be a Trivia Contest winner!


About the writer:

Mister Rooster resides at Roosters Mens Grooming Center, 1466 Garden of the Gods Road. Patrons relax in an over sized leather barber chair to receive service in this elegant throwback to the traditional male barbershop. You can keep up with Mister Rooster and his friends on Facebook

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