District 49 "Scorpions" Kick Off Semester With New Court

District 49 "Scorpions" Kick Off Semester With New Court

Twelfth grader Tim Clemens, 18, eleventh grader Dylan Clark, 16, and twelfth grader Bryan Jenkins, 17, cut a ribbon to unveil gymnasium floor renovations Jan. 9 at Sand Creek High School in Falcon School District 49. Connie Johnson, Eastern Plains Chamber of Commerce president, and Dayna Jenkins, secretary, helped the basketball captains officially open the court. Students filled the surrounding bleachers to celebrate the completion of a gymnasium renovation project, costing nearly $20,000, funded by eight years of fundraising efforts, according Autumn Sereno, assistant principal and athletic director. The project involved stripping, staining and painting the court's maple wood flooring. The culminating ceremony was sponsored by the Eastern Plains Chamber of Commerce and Colorado Baseball Academy.


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