Invisible Children Team Visits Sand Creek High School

Invisible Children Team Visits Sand Creek High School

Patricia Akello of Uganda receives a hug from ninth grader Julia Harvey, 14, on Nov. 7 at Sand Creek High School in Falcon School District 49. Akello was part of a team of young adults from Invisible Children, an organization campaigning for civil rights in Africa, providing four presentations in the high school, one for each grade level. The team expects to finish a 10-week tour next week, reaching 70 locations, including schools, universities and places of worship. In March, Invisible Children's documentary "Kony 2012" quickly attracted millions of views on the video-sharing websites YouTube and Vimeo, generating global awareness about Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army, exposing his more than 20 years of abducting, killing and displacing civilians in eastern and central Africa. Sixteen years ago, Akello lost her older brother to the LRA. Now 24 years old, she's helping Invisible Children raise awareness of Kony's actions. "All life is important, it's all human life," she said. As an International Baccalaureate school, Sand Creek High School is focused on promoting global citizenry. Part of its IB curriculum involves opportunities for students to influence their communities, locally and globally. “We want to empower our students and help them to empower others,” says Ron Hamilton, assistant principal. “We have a strong focus on service learning and Invisible Children is a service group that travels all over the country.”


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