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Chasing A Gold Medal: An Educational Bonanza for Two Springs Youth

Two District 20 students, Allison and Ashley Van Milligan, recently returned home after competing at the World Space Modeling Championships in Kaspichan, Bulgaria. While they competed for medals for Team USA in the rocketry competition, the girls came back with an even greater reward: an educational experience to last a…


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Rocket Girls Earn Spot On U.S. National Rocketry Team

Written by Tim Van Milligan, edited and posted by Jeff Lane.

Two young schoolgirls from Colorado Springs School District 20 will head to Kaspichan, Bulgaria next summer, representing the United States at the 20th World Championships for Space Modeling. This rocketry event is the Olympics of modeling, and is held every two years in a…


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Shockwave Rocketry, LLC Lifts Off for Business

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado USA—Shockwave Rocketry, LLC is pleased to announce the official launch of Shockwave and our new web store. The company manufactures and sells fiberglass nosecones in Colorado Springs and will provide many additional products in the future. The opening salvo includes 29mm, 38mm, 54mm, 3-inch, and 4-inch nosecones. The…


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CMCA/Vanguard Students Head to National Rocket Competition

Months of high-anxiety science, math, engineering, and testing have paid off for 100 teams vying for the 9th annual Team American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) national title next month. The Vanguard School/Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy and the TARC team from El Paso County 4-H made the cut.

The Vanguard/CMCA team has a page with complete photos and videos of the qualification



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COSROCS Education Director Receives Award

Colorado Springs resident Dr. Warren Layfield traveled to Coalwood, West Virginia last week for the annual October Sky Festival, where he was reunited with his former boss and famous author, Homer Hickam (… Continue

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Verdict for America—A Timely New Book

The Common Sense Judge, The Elevation Group, and Brandango have teamed up to produce one of the most important books on morality, ethics, and our country's direction in years. This is a perfect primer for the upcoming elections. For this project, we needed a cover that is easy to read, hard-hitting, immediately topic-obvious, and more intriguing than others in the subject area. One of the requirements was a flag background, so one of the biggest hurdles… Continue

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Home, Home in the Zone

FEMA's Plan to “Re-Wild” 3000 Homes and Businesses

in Central Colorado Springs



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Explorer Elementary 5th Grader Earns National Awards

Achievements In Model Rocketry Competitions

by Tim Van Milligan

Allison Van Milligan, a 5th grade student at Explorer Elementary School in Colorado Springs, recently earned a third place finish in the National Association of Rocketry's 52nd annual model…


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National Rocketry Meet to Draw Crowds to Pueblo

Beginning this Friday, July 30 and continuing for a full week through next Friday, August 6th, Colorado Springs Rocket Society is bringing NARAM-52 (National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet) to Colorado.

We have several hundred participants signed up from all over the United States.
Two local competitors are situated in the top ten in the national points. The 2010 championship will be determined by competitive events…

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Condemning the Tea Party as Racist

It's an interesting development that the NAACP is voting on a resolution to "condemn the Tea Party movement as racist". One of the things that most impressed me about the Tea Party event I attended in Acacia park on April 15, 2010, was the diversity of attendees. As a counterpoint to what the NAACP is currently considering, at the time I titled… Continue

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The Worst Concrete Work in History?

Imagine walking down a city sidewalk and stumbling across concrete work that has mountain ranges, waves, and canyons incorporated into its surface texture. You could, with a little imagination, practically leap from peak to peak, as if it were a miniature Collegiate Peaks Wilderness.
That is the quality of work completed in the…

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Poverty Fast Becoming Misunderstood

The lead article in the 4/14/10 Gazette, “Poverty’s Reach Spreading Fast Among Children” requires some clarification and response.

It well illustrates a problem that is common with most articles on children in poverty; the author is comparing apples and oranges when she compares the federal poverty level with the number of kids getting school lunches. The quoted statistics from the federal…


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COSROCS Hosts Huge Annual Meet, Regional Contest

Colorado Springs Rocket Society is bringing NARAM-52 (National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet) to Colorado.

We expect several hundred participants from all over the United States and possibly from other countries.

The date is July 30 - August 6, 2010 and the launch area is the Pueblo site at Hudson ranch, which offers a spectacular view of Pikes Peak. This is a… Continue

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Camera Review: Canon PowerShot SX20 IS

Overview: The Canon PowerShot SX20 IS is a "prosumer" camera designed to fill the void between point-and-shoot compact cameras and digital SLRs with removable lenses, and it is priced $100 below the DSLR low-end threshold at around $400. It is sized like a 3/4 scale DSLR. Although the lens is not removable, it is "superzoom", which means it covers a wider range of focal lengths than you typically find on a DSLR. It has an 11mm CCD sensor with 12.1 megapixel resolution. Most professional… Continue

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Cool Science/COSROCS Event Draws Huge Crowd

Saturday's Cool Science at UCCS was a monstrous success! Event organizers counted over 800 kids, and a total of between 1280 and 1500 total participants. It was one of the largest science/educational events ever held in Colorado Springs.

It was truly a fun-filled science carnival for the entire family. Helping Cool Science to run this event was the UCCS Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education (CSTEME),… Continue

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Kodak EasyShare Z915 Camera Review

I recently acquired a Kodak EasyShare Z915. I got to use it for a couple of weeks, so this is not a long-term review, but it gives more information than a quick look.

Overview: This is a $170-200 compact consumer camera with a high quality 10x optical zoom lens. It has 10megapixel resolution and a 2.5 inch LCD screen on back.


Dimensions (WHD):4.2 x 2.9 x 1.4 inches

Weight (with battery and media):9.6 ounces

Megapixels, image sensor size,… Continue

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Prayer Gets a Good Rap

Sneak peek at a new book on the real power of prayer.

In a couple of weeks, a great new book by Fern Nichols will begin distribution. The publisher is Tyndale House and the book was produced through Focus on the Family.

Do you ever wonder if praying makes a difference? I realize atheists will hate…


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Youth with More than a Mission

Sneak peek at a new book on world missions.

A couple of weeks ago, a small gem of a book by Luis Bush was published by Compassion International.

Brandango was awarded the design and production work on the book, and we were fortunate to be able to support The Elevation…


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Real Health Care Reform, an Invitation to Dialog

One of the constant refrains we hear from lefties is Where is the Republican health care plan?, I don't see it! Well, open your eyes. After watching an online healthcare reform video in which the senator from Louisiana stated that there are five Republican options, I found this page,… Continue

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The Power of Influence

Fisher DeBerry called last month while I was eating lunch at the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Woodland Park with my wife and son. I swear, as he initially unloaded that famous Southern-gentleman salutation, "Hah, this is Fisher DeBerry...", I distractedly thought, This must be one of those recorded celebrity fund-raiser appeals. When I focused, I realized it was actually Coach on the other end.…


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