ALL TKD Grand Opening at Chapel Hills Mall

     The Academy of Life and Leadership Taekwondo (ALL TKD) moved to Chapel Hills Mall in a single day.  No rented trucks, no hired workers, simply a team of people, all ages, moving like the water in a river to overcome any obstacles in its way.   The staff at the mall called it “Extraordinary!”  Owner/ Olympian Barb Kunkel calls it “Family!”

      ALL TKD has always spelled out a message loud and clear to the people of Colorado Springs.  If you walk into a safe, positive atmosphere where you can make friends and set new goals, get leadership training from experienced instructors, and improve your mental and physical strength, you can accomplish anything!    “We welcome all ages into our taekwondo family immediately,” Master Kunkel says, “and from that day forward, they are on a new journey.  Please come check out our new location and enjoy Saturday's events.”

Grand Opening:  Saturday, March 2nd, 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. at the ALL Taekwondo gym (outside entrance next to JCPenney).  See the Competition Team (2012 National Champions) and the Kids Performance Team in action, and join a free "taekwondo mini-class” taught by Master Kunkel.  There will be free balloons, door prizes, hotdogs,  and cotton candy along with many fun and safe activities for all ages!. 

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