Bending Towards the Light, a Jazz Nativity


Sheer Audacity Productions, Judy Sellers and Kathy Loo invite one and all for three rollicking return performances of Bending Towards the Light, a Jazz Nativity.   Combining great theatre with the soaring carols of the season, BTTL  is the traditional Christmas nativity story  illuminated through the medium of  jazz , bringing an ecumenical, inclusive message that reaches out to everyone.


There are many wonderful pageants and classical performances throughout the Christmas season, but there is nothing like Bending Towards the Light with jazz, a very personal and spiritual element.  Our inspiration and motivation for spearheading this effort is very simple:  Bending Towards the Light is a quite beautiful, inclusive and transforming experience that we view as our gift to the Colorado Springs community.  It is a show for all ages,  all backgrounds, and all walks of life.  It is our hope that it might become a Christmas tradition, garnering participation from many additional segments of our community as it grows.


BTTL originated in New York and after viewing the show several times there through the years, we embarked in early 2011 on a new venture for us-- to share this amazing production with our Colorado Springs community as the perfect kickoff to the Christmas season.


Our role as novice, first-time Producers has certainly been a new, fascinating, and fun endeavor for us.  Setting up as a non-profit under the umbrella of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, writing grant applications to local foundations, amassing publicity materials, designing costumes, creating a budget—all were new and challenging for us.   As we initially presented our ideas to contacts in the Colorado Springs music community, we found the response to be overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. Brad Bietry of Broadmoor Academy of Music volunteered his services to secure the various musicians needed and now serves as Music Director.  Broadmoor Community Church has offered their Sanctuary for the performances at no charge—and is providing a number of other services and amenities, including much-needed volunteer help. 


Early on we established as a primary goal to utilize our local community of professional cast and musicians for the show to profile their exceptional professional talent as opposed to bringing in a New York cast.  Towards that end we have brought together a luminary cast featuring Jennifer De Dominici, Broadmoor Harmony jazz quartet, and a fabulous jazz band led by maestro Brad Bietry of Broadmoor Academy of Music. 


The details: 

            LOCATION:  Broadmoor Community Church, 315 Lake Avenue, 80906

            DATES AND TIME:  December 1,2,3…7:30 pm

            TICKETS:  CS Fine Arts Center (634-5583) and to KRCC members (473-4801)

                        VIP Section $40, General Admission section $20.  $5 more at the door.

                        Doors open at 6:45 pm. 



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