Busy Mom Reveals Fitness Over 40 Success Strategies

Like most busy working moms, who juggle between work and a demanding home life, Andrea Weiner, 43, is a working mom with 2 daughters in elementary school. She had been struggling to lose the last of the ‘baby fat’ from her last pregnancy and had been exercising faithfully 5 to 6 days a week for over a year with the intention of getting her body back.

“But after 1 ½ years of exercising on my own, I couldn’t tell any difference in how my clothes fit. I knew I needed expert guidance. In May of 2009 I finally decided that I needed help in achieving the results I wanted," Andrea admits. "My husband and I did a bit of searching on the internet and found about Joe Ramirez, a trainer who specialized in fitness for women over 40. The idea of having an ‘in-home’ personal trainer was tantalizing, but would it really work for me?

I knew I didn’t want to have to take more time out of my day and away from my family traveling to a gym, not to mention having to pay a gym membership on top of hiring a personal trainer. But, I also realized I needed someone to hold me accountable, to both training and nutrition, which is what I liked about what Joe and his program had to offer, so I decided to give him a call.

“Most people believe their workouts need to be 60-90 minutes in order to really count, says Ramirez, owner of Northgate Fitness. With this kind of time commitment, it’s no wonder that exercise becomes a chore. The truth is, exercise doesn't have to take 60-90 minutes anymore to be effective," says Ramirez.

Most experts agree that short, intense bouts of exercise can actually deliver better results than traditional low intense exercise. In fact, a study was conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine that tested whether multiple short bouts of exercise would deliver better results than one long bout of exercise. They found that participants who performed short bouts of exercise stuck with the program longer and experienced greater weight loss than the participants that performed long bouts of exercise.

“Joe came to my house 2 to 3 times a week for 30-minutes. He was great about working around my schedule, so sticking to his program was easy. He coached me through a different workout during every session, so it was never boring. Every session combined intense cardio drills for optimal fat burning and strength training to help boost my metabolism. It was always an amazing workout. He also gave me specific nutrition guidelines to follow...which helped to maximize my fat loss results.

My results with my in-home training program have been phenomenal! After only 4 weeks of working with Joe, my “skinny clothes” were getting loose and in less than 8 weeks I went from size 8 jeans to a size 4. I never thought results would be this quick and fun. I thought it would be few months before I felt this good! I feel like a totally different person now,” says Andrea.

It is now 1 ½ years later and I continue to follow all of the guidelines Joe has given me, which have now become lifestyle changes. In addition, I have cut my body fat nearly in half….from 29.88% to 16.8%.

Andrea Reveals 3 Secrets to Her Dieting Success

1. Follow the 3-Hour Rule. I eat every 3 hours to support my metabolism and make sure I get plenty of quality protein each time I eat, which keeps me from getting hungry. My first small meal is immediately after my 5:15 am boot camp workout. I drink a chocolate or vanilla whey protein shake made with almond milk. I take it to my workouts and drink it on the way home.

2. Keep it Simple. In addition to my coffee, I tend to eat one of the same 2 meals for breakfast every morning, which makes it easier for me to plan. Each of them tastes great, satisfies my hunger and has plenty of protein and healthy carbs:

1. Plain oatmeal mixed with a small container of vanilla flavored Greek Yogurt with fresh berries tossed in.

2. 2 eggs cooked in a non-stick pan, wrapped in a low carb, whole grain tortilla and topped with 1 ounce of 2% shredded cheddar and a tablespoon of salsa.

3. Plan Ahead. Each weekend, I typically plan and prepare what I will cook for the upcoming week. I then head out to the grocery store with a list based on my meal plan. Because I work full time, I have found that it works best to pack my lunch and snacks the night before. I have several “to go” lunches that I rotate around, all of which are healthy and satisfying and include fruit, vegetables and lean proteins like roasted turkey or chicken breast, tuna, or edemame .

Occasionally, however, I don’t have a dinner plan, so I make sure to also keep plenty of frozen vegetables, frozen lean meat and whole grains such as brown rice on hand. Grilled chicken breasts or extra lean turkey burgers, along with a side of vegetables and a side of seasoned brown rice is always a quick, easy and healthy “go to” meal that my whole family will enjoy.

Although I’m careful about what I eat, I don’t deprive myself of the things I’m craving. Instead I eat a small portion of whatever it is, knowing that I’ll work it off later. Dark Chocolate and wine are my 2 favorite splurges," Andrea admits.

As a busy, working mom and wife, It feels really good to be teaching my daughters the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly. In addition, most of our family fun time involves being active. We often take our girls for bike rides, hiking in the mountains and for long walks, when the weather is nice. In the winter months, we go skiing as often as possible. I hope that my daughters will continue to follow the healthy habits we have taught them throughout their lives. "

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Comment by Andrea Weiner on September 29, 2010 at 7:53pm
Thank you so much Heidi! I really appreciate your encouraging comment!
Comment by Heidi Schaefer on September 24, 2010 at 3:38pm
Amazing photos, Andrea! Congrats!


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