Since 1988. over 2,800 hearing aids have been provided to low-income, hard of hearing persons by the HEARS program.This non-profit project is funded by the SERvice TO MAnkind (SERTOMA) clubs in the Colorado Springs area. 



How would you feel if you could not clearly talk with family members or risk losing your job because of your hearing problem?  Our clients have had these experiences.  As one of our clients said, "We picked up our child's hearing aids today.  I have never seen a child so excited and animated.  I believe your generosity will have a lasting effect on this child's academic and social-emotions in the future."  Allision B.


If you think you are in need of hearing aids, call the HEARS office at 352-5124 and ask for an application to be sent to you.  Once qualified and with your contribution of a small dollar donation to support operating costs, you will receive free audiology services for testing, two new digital hearing aids, and fitting of your new aids.  We spend less than one cent of a dollar on operating costs.


We also provide free hearing screen tests to determine if you are hard of hearing.  The testing is done at the Mission Medical Clinic at 2125 E. LaSalle Street in Colorado Springs.  Come visit us on the third Thursday of the month between 9 - 11 am.


About 12,000 persons in this area are hard of hearing.  Are you one of them?


The two persons in the photo are Lee Ann Lizzul, audiologist, Center for Hearing, Speech, and Language and HEARS client, Mary A.,October 2011.  

















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