Yes, you are seeing correctly. At approximately 11:00 p.m. tonight (09-17-2011) I have just tucked in for a restful night's sleep. But, what is all that noise? It sounds like street racers tearing up and down South Carefree. I begin to pray for God to watch over our neighbors and our neighborhood.

Then, screeeech! "What the heck was that?! Okay, I have to go and see what in the world is going on out there. Why can't people just go home and go to bed at this time of night?" I grumbled.

I ran to the sliding glass doors leading to the back yard and saw neighbors walking toward the street. My teenaged son comes tearing up the stairs, "Mom, mom there's a bunch of people outside in the street like a dog or something got run over! I heard this loud screech and then a big bang and looked out the window and, look, see all those people?"

I opened up the front door and looked outside and sure enough, there were four or five guys hovering over something lying next to the curb. One of them was stroking the thing's head, talking too low to understand what they were saying. "I think maybe someone's dog did get hit by a car," I surmised. (I whispered to God that is was not a person.)

Pretty soon, a black car turned onto our street, pulled a u-turn and parked in front of our house. A minute or two later a woman got out and walked over to the young men yelling at them and cursing like a sailor, "Why were they speeding down the road like that!? Now look, this poor deer is hurt. Do people have to go speeding down the road like that? Can you see how bad it's hurt? Can she get up? ... wildlife. No, they're not coming, they don't care. We called 911. Someone will probably have to put it out of its misery." I guessed that she and her friend in the car must have seen it happen.

I tried to call our neighbor, who is a cop, to see what we should do. Well, at this late hour, he does not answer. He is probably at work anyway. I wonder, "Maybe I should call 911 too. Oh wait, here come some police cars."

"Wow!" My son says, "One, two, three, four! Gees, how many cops are there? It's just a hurt deer." There were three or four police cars and one silver unmarked one, all with their lights flashing. I told him that they needed to block traffic in this near lane so there is not an accident, and they can look at the deer.

We watched as the police officers told the people to go on home and they left, their heads down and their shoulders drooping, obviously feeling very sorry for the deer. The deer tried to get up, and the woman from the black car went back over to see if she could help. She stooped down to try and calm the deer. It looked like she was crying, and by this time, so was I. The policeman quietly told her to just go, they would take care of it. Two of them grabbed two of the deer's legs and pulled it out of the street and onto the grass. "They will have to shoot it I am afraid," I sighed.

The deer raised its head and tried again to get up, but its legs must have been broken. The officers spoke in hushed tones and one went to his car and came back with a black rifle with what looked like a silencer on it. "Oh, whew, good. I am glad they have a silencer." I whispered. He put the gun up close to the deer's head, "BOOM!" "Oh, my gosh! That must be a pretty big gun to be so loud even with a silencer."

The deer tried again to raise its head. "Gee Whiz!" I exclaim. "That shot didn't kill it at such close range? He will have to try again." I am really feeling sad for this pathetic animal now. The officer came back with the rifle, the other one backed up toward his car, my son put his hands over his ears and came back into the house. I stepped inside with my hands over my eyes, another "BOOM!" I peaked around the door frame and it looked like this time it was a clean shot. The deer was very still.

The officers talked for a while and then two of the cruisers left, and a sheriff's SUV pulled up behind the others, lights flashing. They chatted for a bit, and then they all left. (I am thinking someone from the Wildlife and Game department will come and pick up the deer.)

I ran and grabbed my camera to take a picture because I felt the need to write about this.

Well, it is 12:30 a.m. and the deer is still there. Hopefully it will be gone by morning.

I am angered that some fool's stupidity has killed this innocent, beautiful animal, but I am so very glad that it was not a human being. I dread even the thought of it.


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Comment by Anna Hodges on September 18, 2011 at 1:29pm
Update: The deer is still lying next to the sidewalk by our house. My husband was on the phone to Dead Animal Removal when a police officer stopped to see what happened. The officer called someone and said that "The Wolf Lady" who has a wolf refuse should come by and get it tomorrow for meat for her wolves. If she does not come by Tuesday, we should call D.O.W. and have them come and get it. It's a good thing the temperatures are lower now.


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