How do you know if you are getting a good deal, or buying yourself a set of problems in that used car you are considering?   A Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) by an ASE certified technician is good insurance against buying an expensive set of repair or maintenance bills along with your new, used car.  The technician will review systems and framework, and put you in a good bargaining position because you will know what is wrong, and what is right, with the car.  A PPI will include:

  • Review of maintenance records, including what has been done and what will be needed soon
  • Brakes, belts and hose condition
  • Fluid leaks that may be minor  (or could add $1000 in repair costs)
  • Whether the car has ever been wrecked, repaired, or has rust damage
  • Brake condition
  • Inspect  frame, shocks, & struts
  • Tire life
  • Engine Codes that can reveal engine problems & condition

A PPI is well worth an hour of your time, and for less than $100 (money that you may even save in your negotiation), you can buy with confidence and be steered clear of a “money pit”! Call your favorite honest accurate auto technician, and be an informed buyer!


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