Former Teen Mom Graduates With Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling.
Says she: "After being on a panel to prevent teen pregnancy sponsored by the YWCA, I made a decision to be an example of success for teen mothers. I wanted them to know that having a baby as a teen is not the end of your life. I wanted them to know that they can still be successful, have careers, marry mature men who love them and their child. Looking back at it now, it is amazing that at 17,  I discovered purpose and didn't know it. Teen parents do not have to be the statistic, they can be the success."

These are the words of Ta'Mella E. Pierce as she prepares to graduate in January with a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. At age 17, she was a teen mom and reaped the benefits of a program that was available at that time. This led her to the work she does today in Fountain and Colorado Springs, CO.

She developed a teen parenting program and the Empowerment Zone that works with teen moms and teen dads to prevent these young parents from becoming involved with the Department of Human Resources (DHS) due to the lack of parenting skills.Her program helps these teen moms and dads reduce their dependency on the system as well as reduce neglect by providing preventative measures rather than waiting for a situation that requires responsive measures that involve the DHS.

It is her goal to provide prevention, not intervention and thus prevent the next generation from growing up in poverty by connecting them with the available resources in the community and by empowering them to reach their full potential. The Teen Parenting program helps the young parents to learn to parent effectively and  acquire self sufficiency so that DHS does not have to get involve.

At 17, Ta'Mella desired to become a role model for other teen moms. Well, in addition to obtaining a Masters Degree, she is currently pursuing a doctorate degree. At the same time, she has opened a professional counseling service, RENEWED, LLC; co-pastors the Fountain of Praise Family Worship Center; conducts groups and workshops for those who request them, as well as being a wonderful wife and mother of 6 (two of which she and her husband adopted).

She continues to give to our communities' teens and to seek funding for the addition of other specialized services for teen parents offered by The Empowerment Zone. She is truly a woman of distinction. Her graduation ceremony with Walden University will be held in Miami, FL this year. She will not be attending, so we will celebrate her achievements on the home-front. You are all invited. Stay tuned for details.

To contact TaMella Pierce for counseling, teen parenting, workshops or groups, call 719-321-1505.

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Comment by Apostle Ella J. Melvin on January 22, 2013 at 1:39pm

She is a living example that teen parents can still realize their dreams! Keep cool! Go back to School!


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