As we approach the holiday season it affords us a chance to look back on the last year. No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, we here at CBO encourage you to take a moment to reflect back on all the good things in your life.

The media seems to like us to focus on tragedies and the less of humanity. It is our belief that it is up to each of us to choose what we want to focus on each year.

Life gives us so much to enjoy and be thankful for. (One of them is good barbeque!)

CBO would like to thank each and every one of our customers and supporters. Without you, we know we could not enjoy having the store and offering good quality BBQ items.

Have a great holiday season from Colorado BBQ Outfitters!


Internet versus small business

We have all been tempted by the lure of cheaper pricing on the internet. The ease of having it delivered to your front door.

However, that lure comes with a price generally for shipping. Once you pay the shipping you can usually find that item without the wait locally for the same price or better.

Even if the internet offers free shipping, there is something to be said about browsing the product directly; talking to the small business owner about the product, asking questions about the product and getting comparisons about other similar products. Small business owners are usually experts in their field. This is something you cannot get from the internet.

Just today I got to chatting with customers about their experiences and sharing stories and advice. I learned about processing beef from Westcliffe. I learned how to make Ethanol to be run in stores. I learned that any vehicle made after 1996 can run Ethanol.

I had two customers come in to the store and both stood and talked to each other for about 45 minutes. This isn’t something you can do on the internet.

As we look towards easier ways of doing things, we tend to lose the human interaction and the joy of just good conversation with people.

Go visit your local small business store and talk to them. I think you will find the experience enjoyable. 

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