Business established to provide opportunities for veterans & non-profits


Superior Design Innovations (SDI), managed by Jerry Vinnola and Chet Karlowski, is proud to announce the worldwide product launch ofHonor Hands™, a product that captures the mold of hands. Twenty percent of the net proceeds from product sales will be given to veteran groups and non-profits throughout the U.S.  


The Honor Hands™ idea was given to Jerry Vinnola in order to show America and her heroes how important to the world they are. "From the founding fathers to now, so many gave up so much for this land; so many of our fallen gave their lives for the sake of others. We are free because of their sacrifices," said Jerry Vinnola of SDI.


"I left a background of several generations in construction to learn taxidermy," Jerry said. "I have always said that my brains are in my hands. I learned taxidermy, which to me is the art of preserving a person's memories." Being in the business of preserving memories has helped steer Jerry in the direction of honoring people with Honor Hands™.


Honor Hands™ was born over the Independence Day weekend in 2011. As Jerry learned that over 1,000 WWII veterans die each day, he wanted a way to honor them and memorialize them for their families and other Americans. As he explained his vision to Chet Karlowski, it was obvious he was "on to something" and since that day every spare moment has been spent working to give those veterans, current servicemen and women, law enforcement officers, first responders and others the honor they deserve, either from grateful Americans or family members.


"We now have thousands of veterans coming home from war, with no jobs and few opportunities due to our poor economy," said Chet Karlowski of SDI. "Honor Hands™ aims to fix this through a business course and product training that has recently been approved by the Colorado Department of Private and Occupational Schools Board. It is now ready to head through the VA approval process. The goal is to train hundreds if not thousands of veterans to run their own business while spreading the word and honoring even more Americans."


Honor Hands™uses a special technique of creating molds through Hand Shake. It is suitable for making temporary molds of thehands.What sets Hand Shake apart from other materials? In addition to being an exceptional skin safe body molding material, Hand Shake does not contain free crystalline silica (a known carcinogen). Hand Shake also captures detail better than other molding products, giving you a more accurate reproduction of your original. Hand Shake is easy to use and cures quickly. It reproduces fine detail and makes and excellent temporary mold.


About Superior Design Innovations

SDI - Superior Design Innovations (the Honor Hands parent company) was adapted out of necessity due to the frequent inventions/ideas of Jerry Vinnola and Chet Karlowski. Honor Hands™ was conceived in June 2011.  Incubated through the trial and error process, Jerry and Chet perfected the product and process of creating lifelike hand molds to commemorate and honor those who have served our country.


After months of preparation and marketing analysis, Jerry and Chet pressed forward with the help of family, friends and business associates. SDI and Honor Hands™ vision is to pay tribute first to the veterans, service men and women, civil servants, fire fighters and peace officers.  Secondly, Honor Hands™ will be providing this much needed service to the general public.


Through the SDI mission statement, Chet and Jerry are committed to insuring their business practices follow God first, family and country.  


For more information about Honor Hands™, please go online at www.HonorHands.com or call (800) 733-6936 or (719) 276-2883.  


For more info on Superior Design Innovations and the Honor Hands™ product launch, please contact Jerry Vinnola (719) 276-2883, (800) 733-6936 or email at admin@honorhands.com.


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