Not all kids are addicted to video games, but almost all are really competitive.  Kids at Steele Elementary in District 11 and at The Little School on Vermijo have been learning how to play a very involved and competitive game that even scares off  some adults.  It is Contract Bridge.



Teacher Sue Spengler of The Little School on Vermijo helps instructor

Bob Somppi work with students, Sophia, Marigold, and Mikayla


Unless you play bridge, which millions of folks do, it's probably a little bit scary to you, too.  But these ten to twelve year olds are taking lessons in bidding and play on a weekly basis.

John Dukellis and Bob Somppi teach at the Bridge Center on N. 17th St.  They also volunteer to teach these enthusiastic youngsters at the two schools.  The classes at Steele are before regular classes begin.  At The Little School on Vermijo, the classes are included in the regular school day twice a week for the 11 students and their and their teacher.

Math, logic, attention to detail, effective communication and fairness are basic to learning and playing bridge.  Speedy thumbs are not.  Nonetheless, these kids are pretty good at video games, too.

Clockwise from front, Wesley, Gage, Eva, Pat Salsman, Sawyer, Ethan,

John Dukellis, and Ethan



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