Join the Fight against Violence against Women

If you have a passion for saving lives -or want to grow your school, gym or club classes, Fight Like A Girl reaches women and kids with a dynamic, energetic program of personal violence prevention. 

We can change the statistics of violence in our world by teaching escape techniques, along with the physical and life skills of esteem, control, avoidance, blocking, power, precision, counter attacks, resourcefulness and the ability to apply that knowledge in the real world.

The program is a ten rank curriculum with either a gi/belt or jersey uniform, designed specifically for women. Instructors are certified either at a regional training or at a private certification in your area. After you have that initial training, going through the curriculum with Sensei Rock, you will have access to a secure website with all of the techniques on video, so you can re-visit them whenever you want a refresher. We also provide monthly updates with marketing materials, class drills, new techniques, videos for public service announcements on television and more... The curriculum includes life skills that go with the block curriculum of fitness, skills and escape techniques. Each rank has a teaching and student card, so it’s simple to have an exciting, progressive class every time.

Girl Scouts, teens, moms, young professionals, executives and seniors all love to come to Fight Like A Girl classes and seminars and the program can fit right into your existing programs and schedules.

We will be holding a certification seminar on March 2nd 2013 from 12pm -6pm  CALL for cost and other info

Sensei Diane 719-648-1195

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