Local Christian Movie Project Launches

Pledges Welcome to Meet July 13th Fundraising Goal

 Cast Auditions Soon  -  Film Crew Experts and Learners Welcome


Colorado Springs, get ready!

An exciting new project has begun!  This summer, 2011, Lightworks, Inc. is producing a feature-length film, Lightbearers, an adaptation of the book of same name by Amandabeth Williams.

The film director, Bethany Payne, says the vision for the project is “to use the powerful medium of film to inspire and encourage people to seek a deeper relationship with God, to cause people to think, to seek, to find the truth, and above all else, to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Light of the World.”

When asked, “Why did you choose this book for your film?” she replied, “We chose Lightbearers because of the message of the story.  It teaches that the light is greater than the darkness, that the source of that light is Jesus Christ, and that those who seek for truth shall find the truth as He promised.  It is fundamentally important for it to be understood that God is sovereign, and that He is far greater than any evil or darkness.”

Justin, the main character in Lightbearers, receives a letter from his brother that shatters his satisfaction with his world and raises questions that he cannot answer.  He starts digging for these answers and by doing so, catalyzes those around him to make some life-changing decisions for themselves.  Truth one, of his friends, unlocks a secret code in the Torah that seems to threaten the safety of cities across the country.  As an unknown danger brews, Justin and his two friends, Truth and Evan, discover how God can use those who believe and obey Him, whether or not they understand it.

To raise funds for the project, the online Kickstarter program is being used.  Pledges of any size are welcome.  Go to kickstarter.lightbearersmovie.com.  A minimum funding goal of $87,000 must be met by July 13th, 10am.

Love to act?  Interested in being a part of the film crew?  Watch the website: www.lightbearersmovie.com – applications will be available soon.

The story in this movie has it all:  inspiration, discovery, surprise, intrigue, conflict and a thought-provoking ending that leaves you with a new perspective of possibilities in the statement:

“The Light is Greater than the Darkness®”

Lightbearers! This movie has the makings of defining a whole new category of the classic genre “Thriller”.

Please pray that God blesses this project and is glorified.  Please tell others about it.  Let’s join hands to help bring this vision into reality!  For further information, visit www.lightbearersmovie.com.  Watch the video where the director tells you more.  Have questions, ideas?  Email the team at info@lightbearesmovie.com

Come.  Join us.  This is just the beginning.  Let’s do something unique and mind expanding concerning the power of God Almighty and have a lot of fun while doing it.  See you there!







Photo – Bethany Payne, Film Director for Lightbearers


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Comment by Bob Stephens on July 5, 2011 at 1:37pm
Look for your story in Wednesday's Gazette Fresh*Ink pages, Judy. Hope all goes well.
Comment by Judy Bellows on July 3, 2011 at 10:34am

Bob, thanks so much for your support!   We're eager to see this vision become a reality and are anticipating lots of miracles along the way!

Comment by Bob Stephens on July 1, 2011 at 3:31pm
Thanks for info about the movie project, Judy. Hope you reach the money goal and lots of veteran movie folks join with you. Good luck as you move forward!


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