Barbara Royal is a transformational spiritual mentor. She publishes lessons and stories here and on her web site, Her intention is to provide inspiration and self-awareness for people of diverse spiritual and religious beliefs who are ready to become a gift to themselves and our world.

Phil’s (pseudonym) wife had passed unexpectedly, and he was experiencing lack of purpose and feeling unclear and hopeless about his life’s direction.  

At the beginning of his I AM Power Prayer session, we focused upon his feeling full of life, energized and content to be alive, and Phil affirmed these qualities by decree.    At the beginning of the session, Phil reported seeing various colors and increased beating of his heart.  He then reported the presence of his wife, as well as a being that was “much bigger.”   He and his wife communicated telepathically, and he simultaneously experienced healing.  He was given the blue color of the Caribbean to help remember his healed state, and was told to come back to this place if you have any doubts.  
Upon follow up, Phil reported that he was staying in touch with his wife.  He was aware of the difference in energy between his wife and the being that was “much bigger.”  He was sleeping better and feeling lighter in spirit.  He noticed his physical appearance had changed back to its old vibrancy. He had enthusiasm and fluidity in the work he was doing.  
When I sought Phil’s permission to relay his I AM Power Prayer experience, I received the following response.  I have deleted personal communications to maintain the sacredness of the messages received:

“One of the things that I was most worried about is that even with all the religious and metaphysical learning I had done, it made no sense that God would let you love and then rip it away.  It did not matter of my logic, etc.  I still went into a deep funk and could not get out of it.  The answers I got…were very settling to me.  I needed those answers and they were given.  Also, the deep color of the Caribbean blue.  I found myself looking for jewelry and that color in other ways.  I even went to the Caribbean to heal in that color.  Life is fantastic and we are on the tip of the wave.  How glorious.”  

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