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This is Steve Shapiro...But in Mexico I'm known as: Professor Payaso "Professor Clown". Some of you might remember my story in August about my journeys to Cabo Mexico AS a clown....going to orphanages, hospitals, daycare centers, schools, and helping to build the first kitchens and library in very poor communities there.

I'm excited to announce that I NOW take folks like YOURSELF with me to EXPERIENCE these places....AND discover WHO you are as a giving person!

My next trip is planned for: February 26th-March 4th, 2011....and I would LOVE to bring you along! Check out what I call: "Travel With A Purpose' on my new website: www.thetravelconnection.info I've kept the cost VERY inexpensive and I guarantee it will change your life!

But back to my story....Last time I wrote about meeting a wonderful lady Marea and her three daughters who lived in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Cabo. She and her family lived in a ONE dirt room cinderblock and cardboard structure with NO running water or electricity. Marea was trying desparately to provide for her daughters, taking odd jobs where she could. Her heart's desire, though, was to open up a little 'Mini-Mart' at her house. Early last summer, sadly, Marea was given notice that her 'landlord' was RAISING the rent! She was devasted! Folks in the church I'm familiar with in Cabo learned of her situation and scoured the neighborhoods for a possible new location. They happened to land upon a 'NEW' house for Marea, and her family, complete with TWO rooms, cement floor, AND most importantly had running water and electricity! Amazingly, the rent was a bit CHEAPER!

So... in August while I was in Cabo we all helped Marea move to her NEW 'upgraded' house. We also furnished it with lamps, sofa, and other household accessories. This house was on a corner and seemed to be an ideal location for operating the little store that Marea had dreamed of starting.

I hadn't heard an update on Marea until this week. Since August, several wonderful things fell into place. Apparently, an individual who had met Marea was hosting a leadership conference in one of the local middle-class highschools in town. He presented Marea's story and told how wonderful it was to help int he community. The high-schoolers at this conference were so touched, by the story, that they said to their principal; "We want to help Marea and her business!" Much work still needed to be done painting the outside of her house, originally a dingy gray, windows needed repair, and shelves for products needed to be installed. The high-schoolers got to work .In addition Marea received a small donation from one of the 'clowns' that was in the group I hosted last April. And lastly, because of her dilience, Marea was able to get a small loan from a local bank to buy supplies for her new store she named: "El Mercado Cuatro Angelitos" (4-Angels Market) after herself and three daughters who are thrilled to help out in this new business venture!

As of this week, Marea now is the proprieter of a canary yellow corner market with white-wood trimmed windows, stocked with products, Marea,I was told had sold out of several popular items such as popcycles and shoes!

I cant wait to see her in February. Why don't YOU come and meet Marea and her family? Travel With A Purpose is SET for Saturday, February 26th-March 4th. 2011. Because of the connections I've made, discounts have been offered on everything from hotel, to food! Come experience giving and caring in Mexico....The only thing I require is a desire to serve AND at times wear a red nose and funny hat!

Go To: www.thetravelconnection.info or give me a call: 495-3400. "Clowningly", Steve Shapiro

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Comment by Heidi Schaefer on December 1, 2010 at 1:37pm
Great story, Steve! Look for this in the Dec. 15 Westside print edition.


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