Pine Creek Soars Sober

In the past year, alcohol related accidents have been at high occurrence at the major intersection adjacent to Pine Creek High School. Pine Creek juniors Morgan Patterson and Danielle Pfeiffer made it their mission to help solve the problem of drinking and driving that lay right in front of their school. “It is important to inform and prepare the youth of the future generation about the dangers of drinking and driving.” said 16 year old Danielle Pfeiffer. In order to effetely make an impact on their peers, Patterson and Pfeiffer organized and implemented a week dedicated to spreading the awareness of the affect drinking and driving could have on one’s life and give students the opportunity to make the lifelong oath to never put the life of themselves or others in danger by drinking and driving. To give this educational week and fun and creative spin; they entitled the public relations campaign Caution at the Creek Week. To make this week a success, the power duo sought support from the founder of MasterDrive, Mr.  Ron Langford.  17 year old, Morgan Patterson explained, “Mr. Langford lost his daughter when she was killed by a drunk driver. His story gave Danielle and me the extra boost of motivation to create this campaign and really make difference.” To get the word out about this campaign, all possible media aspects at their school were utilized. Having students participate and get involved in events such as guest speakers, video presentations, unique displays of statistics and much more gave an interactive feel to the campaign. On the final day of the Caution at the Creek Week, an oath booth was set up where students could make the oath to not drink and drive. Once the oath was made, students were given a keychain to remind them of the lifelong promise they made to themselves. Since the high school’s mascot is the eagle, the key chains were engraved with campaigns catch phrase “Soar Sober.” Patterson and Pfeiffer don’t want to limit their impact to just the doors of Pine Creek High School. They hope to reach out to the community of Colorado Springs and challenge everyone to Soar Sober.




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