Pro-life or pro-choice? Where are the facts?

Due to abortion being one of the hot debates in society today, there is an abundance of information on the topic. Though this information provides a basis for those inquiring on the topic, there are few resources that are unbiased. These resources providing the facts of abortion present either a pro-life, against abortion, or a pro-choice, for abortion, stance. Presenting both sides of the topic and the untainted facts would enable the questioning individual proper information to create their own opinion on whether or not abortion should be legal. The greater part of this debate between the two opinions consists of three main issues, the psychological effects, physical effects, and ethical effects of abortion. The facts of these issues viewed from both sides of the debate are the key to an educated stance on the topic of abortion, rather than a blind belief which is often the bases of many peoples stances today, whether they are pro-choice or pro-life. Whether leaning toward pro-choice or prolife, facts and statistics are skewed to present abortion in the desired light. It is becoming more and more necessary for these unbiased resources to be available. However, this is a topic that may never be able to be approached without bias.

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