If you're under 55 you could probably drive right by the labor center on Fillmore without realizing it was the social center of the Boomer generation in the early 1960's.  SHAKEY'S Pizza Parlor was a symbol of a simpler, more innocent America.  Looking back on it's simplicity and naivete I still have a hard time believing it really happened.

"Old Shakey" Bob Lakely ( A Name To Recommend....from singing commercial) established a nationwide chain of pizza parlors which featured 800 degree ovens, 3.2% beer for those over 18 and sing along music while you ate your pizza or quaffed your beer.  

Each Shakey's featured long wooden pub-style tables and benches, groovy lacquered and hand painted signs and a banjo and piano playing duo that led the audience in "Good Old Days" sing-alongs.

These were very popular after the "Sing Along With Mitch(Miller)" TV shows.  Yes, Victoria, we really DID sit on long benches, holding the lyrics to songs like "Shine On Harvest Moon " and sing along.  With no guns, no drugs, no sex and no video games how could we have been entertained?  Go Figure.

The Shakey's experience preceded Vietnam, the Generation Gap, psychedelic music and the drug culture.  It truly was the end of an era of innocence.  There are those who can still sing along to the commercial.  "Old Shakey, Bob Lakely, a name to recommend.  With Every pizza Shakey makes, he makes another friend. Treat your good taste right. Bring your appetite to SHAKEY'S PIZZA PARLOR!"

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