RepubliCorp members "present" Ken Buck with a check for $20 million. Buck wasn't there to accept.

RepubliCorp members rally outside the Buck for Senate meeting at the Pikes Peak Center Oct. 19.

KVOR radio news interviews the RepubliCorp representatives Oct. 19.

RepubliCorp members plan their strategy at Phantom Canyon Brew Pub before attending the Ken Buck for Senate rally Oct. 19. The red bucket it to collect alms for the poor corporate CEOs.


Members of RepubliCorp waited outside the Ken Buck rally at the Pikes Peak Center Oct. 19 to present him with a check and an “Employee of the Month” certificate. Buck didn't show.

RepubliCorp representatives said they were doing that as he is “the best politician money can buy.”

RepubliCorp is the brainchild of and is a rallying point for those who object to the Citizens United ruling of the Supreme Court and targets those candidates who accept financing from large corporations. The “representatives” portray CEOs, businessmen and women, and socialites who have made their money via big business.

The objective is not to be confrontational, but to raise awareness of the impact of corporate financing of political campaigns in a fun manner. In the Supreme Court decision, the court essentially ruled that corporations should be treated the same as citizens, even if the business is owned wholly or in part by foreign entities. Many politicians of different political parties agree that this is a bad idea and have signed the Fight Washington Corruption Pledge for three things: that the Supreme Court decision should be reversed with a Constitutional amendment; that the Fair Elections Now Act be passed; and that government employees need to wait 5 years before becoming lobbyists. Michael Bennet and about 200 other politicians signed the pledge. Buck refused.

The Springs residents, dressed to the nines, chanted, “We will, we will buy you, buy you,” to the tune of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Two women sang new lyrics to ABBA’s “Money, Money, Money.” There were signs “supporting” Buck, but in a backhanded way, and sayings like, “We Buy Democracy, One Election at a Time.” Ken “bucks,” fake $50 bills with his face on them were handed out.

The RepubliCorp (last syllable pronounced “corpse”) is supposedly a merger of the Republican Party and large business corporations. The members may still pop up before the elections and there are definite plans to stage rallies after the elections as well.

For more information on these and other politically-oriented projects, go to To view a video of the RepubliCorp rally of Oct. 19, go to .

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Comment by Pat Hansen on October 21, 2010 at 11:36pm
Fabulous! Corporate spending with the Supreme Court decision is out of control and what better way to show this to people!


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