RMOC Starts the Colorado Scholastic Orienteering League

In orienteering, you use a map and compass to locate a series of checkpoints shown on a specialized, highly detailed topographic map. You choose the route, either on or off trail that will help you find all the checkpoints and get to the finish line in the shortest amount of time. Each checkpoint, or "control," is a distinct mapped feature such as a trail junction, a boulder, a hilltop, etc. The controls are marked with orange-and-white flags. The sport requires map reading, problem solving, and quick decision-making skills in addition to athletic ability and general physical fitness.


Orienteering is an individual sport that builds your decision-making, fitness, self-confidence and leadership skills. The goal is to complete your assigned course on your own, doing your own navigation, without following others or asking for assistance. There are 3 meets in the season, plus a championship event— for a total of 4 events. Beginner training is offered at the beginning of all meets.


Competition Categories.  At each meet, there are two competition courses: one for High School competitors (orange) and one for Middle School competitors (yellow). The Middle School division consists of individual competitors only (both boys and girls will compete in the same category). The High School division consists of individuals and team categories both male and female.


A team will consist of 3, 4, or 5 participants from the same school. Team scoring will be based on the top three finishers for each team in a meet; these scores will then be added together (see section IV). To be eligible for a season team award, a team must participate in minimum of three meets. All team participants will also compete in individual categories (no extra fees).

  •  Yellow Course:  Middle School (Boys and Girls compete in the same category)— Grades 7-8
  • Orange Course: High School  (Girls and Boys compete in separate categories) — Grades 9-12

Participants may run up a level from their school level, but may not run down a level. (For example, a 6th grader can run at Middle School, but a 10th grader cannot). Under some circumstances, a participant may move up to a higher level of competition during the season. But a participant may not compete on a lower course in the Championship Meet than was participated on for the majority of the meets during the season.


Registration. Preregistration for each meet must be done on line at www.rmoc.org. Preregistration is necessary to insure that enough maps are printed for all competitors. Entry fees are $10 for each individual whether they are a member of a team or are competing individually. This includes maps and e-punches for each participant (Orienteering uses an electronic timing system which records your presence at each control and insures that each control is visited in the correct order). Make checks or money orders out to Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club. Mail entry fees and registration forms to the club treasurer:


Sverre Froyen

14214 West Evans Circle

Lakewood, CO 80228-5991


Payment may also be provided at the meet. Under some circumstances payment will be accepted after the meet but must be arranged with the CSOL director, Leif Anderson (leif@colorado.edu).


Schedule. The scheduled courses and locations for the 2011 season are listed below. All programs/individuals considering participating in these events are encouraged to attend other RMOC events prior to the start of the series.


Race Number


Meet Location

Start Time


2 April

Bear Creek Lake State Park         Golden



23 April

Fox Run Regional Park                 Colorado Springs Area



7 May

Chattfield State Park                    South Denver



29 May

Peaceful Valley (For those not attending the JROTC Jamboree)****



8 June

Peaceful Valley (JROTC Groups)****


**** Indicates State Championship meet.

Non-Army JROTC competitors will compete for the State title on May 29th at the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch Map. The same courses will be provided to Army JROTC groups on June 8th. Once the June 8th meet is completed the times from both the May 29th and June 8th meets will be combined to determine season and State Champions.


More information about Orienteering may be found on the Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club webpage at www.rmoc.org or by emailing the CSOL director, Leif Anderson (leif@colorado.edu). More information about orienteering can be found at http://orienteeringusa.org/.

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