Just got this press release from the Colorado Springs Rotary Club. Haven't had time to check it out, but the deadline for this award is Sept. 15, so we wanted to get it out there.

Do you know of an unsung hero, one of those quiet,
unselfish people who just does something that they
think needs doing? We often see or know of such acts
but usually we don’t think about them. You know,
things like:
~ Volunteering to aid those who are unable to leave their homes due
to illness or physical infirmity by providing food and other necessities
to them, such as medicines and other essentials. In doing this, on a
regular basis over a number of years, this person demonstrates acts of kindness for which
he or she receives little compensation other than grateful thanks from the persons served.
~ Volunteering at a non-profit agency for many years, thereby helping bridge the gap
between services that the agency can fund and those that it would not otherwise be able to
~ Helping children with their work in school or after school and being a friend to them.
Helping them read or with their homework or giving them encouragement to continue
when they may feel underappreciated or unhappy with their lives.
~ Working with animals in shelters or helping prepare and dispense meals in a rescue
There are many such selfless individuals in our community who have never been publicly
acknowledged for their good works, and the Colorado Springs Rotary Club wants to
recognize one such individual annually who exemplifies Joe Henjum’s other-centered
“Service Above Self” spirit, one who typifies his generous beneficial motivation. $1,000
will be given to a charity of the selected nominee’s choosing. In addition the nominee
will be recognized at a special “Paul Harris” ceremony at the club’s November 5th
Friday club luncheon. Because The Colorado Springs Rotary Club’s Joe Henjum
Recognition Award committee is aware that there are likely to be many deserving
nominees, repeat submissions are encouraged for succeeding years.
Will you help?
To submit a nominee click on the Club website link to the attached Nomination Form, or
fill in a nomination form on line at:
But if you can’t do so, please email mail this Invitation and Nomination Form to someone
you know who might. We hope this appeal will spread to the widest Colorado Springs
audience so we can discover unheralded and inspiring acts of service.
The Colorado Springs Rotary Joe Henjum Award Committee

Who Was...
Joe Henjum
Joe Henjum’s life of service began early. As a young man in South Florida, he
developed skills as a leader and mentor of others through Boy’s State, Rotary's “Wheel Club”,
Student Council, ODK Honor Society, Iron Arrow Honor Society and music fraternity. As an
Air Force officer, he frequently took younger men into his mentorship; particularly cadets at
the USAF Academy, many of whom credit Joe with helping make their successes possible.
After his own Air Force career, Joe committed himself to serving his community and
the individuals in it. Joe’s service reflected the broad scope of his compassion. He worked as a
front-line volunteer with homeless families through the Interfaith Hospitality Network. He
served state government as a member of the Colorado Commission on Aging. He was a
founding member and President of the Colorado Mobility Coalition and the Colorado Springs
Citizens Transportation Advisory Board. He partnered with other retired military to involve
state and national politicians in the project to establish a National Veterans Cemetery in
southern Colorado. He served as member and President of The Military Officers Association.
He co-founded and served as President of the Senior Resource Council, and The Home Front
Cares. He hosted a local public television series, “Senior LIVE!” and volunteered at Steele
Elementary School. And of course, Joe Henjum was an enthusiastic member and Past
President of the Colorado Springs Rotary Club, whose strongest value of “Service Above Self”
aligns perfectly with Joe’s character and life of service.
All these things are admirable, and he received recognition for some of them, but Joe
didn’t do any of it for titles or plaques. He did what he believed was important; it needed to be
done. He considered himself just “a mighty lucky guy.” Joe had a particular affinity for those
who were least likely to receive awards and honors. He noticed and cared about everyone he
ran across: the waitress, the receptionist, the homeless veteran, the barber, the custodian. Joe
made everyone he met recognize the value of their service, and thereby encouraging us to
leave the world a better place than we found it. He made us all better by believing in us and
encouraging and mentoring all of us to be our best and to serve others. In a very real sense, he
created the spirit of this award by demonstrating the power and beauty of “service above self”,
and by recognizing and encouraging the “unsung heroes” who surround us every day.

In tribute to past Colorado Springs Rotary member Joe Henjum, exceptional
community leader and volunteer, the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs seeks to
find and recognize an unsung hero who best represents the high ideals of “Service Above Self” that Joe
exhibited during his life. Please submit your nominee by filling in the information requested below.
Submittals should be received by the committee no later than September 15. The selected nominee* will
be announced on September 30. Thanks for your participation!
Nominee: (From any walk of life)
Description of activities, accomplishments, that make this individual deserving of recognition:

Proposer: (Anyone can be a proposer)
Address ______________________________________________________________________
____________________________________________ Zip_______________________
E-Mail ___________________________________________ Phone (_____)_______________
Signed ___________________________________________ Date__________________________
Return to: Joe Henjum Award
Colorado Sprngs Rotary
P.O. Box 1558
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Contact: Craig Engelage
(719) 598-8339 Office
(719) 337-6780 Cell

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Comment by Bob Stephens on September 2, 2010 at 9:37am
Thanks for sharing this, Jeff. We'll try to spread the word further through our print editions on Sept. 8.


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