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I am glad to report beginning last Thursday, 10/27/2011, the men have started to move into the new Victory Outreach Christian Recovery Home!

The new address is at 2818 North Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. Across the street from the recently remodeled Johnny's Navajo Hogan.

The property used to be the historic Gables Hotel and has 18 suites, each with compact kitchens.

As the architects, contractors and Reverend Al Loma decide on the final renovation plans for the property we will be offering your business sponsorship and marketing opportunities involving significant advertizing on Nevada Avenue and both local and Statewide recognition to the business owners that become part of the vision.

The future of the new Christian Recovery Home will involve removing some of the interior walls and remodel the entire property to be more compatible for a Christian campus environment with larger living, study, meeting and dining areas. Also we plan to include a larger kitchen and laundry facility.

We are also building a large 40ft x 60ft pre-fab steel building in the middle of the property to be used as a chapel and praise and worship center.

There are many ways your business can sponsor the new Christian Recovery Home. One method is to fund any of the small projects. Another approach is to support the complete remodeling of one of the rooms or spaces. Whichever level of sponsorship you chose your business will enjoy the benefits of being part of the vision.

Through minimal sponsorship your business will receive a beautifully engraved plaque honoring your business and contribution to the Christian Recovery Home and another professional plaque giving acknowledgement to your business hung in a place of tribute at the Christian Recovery Home.

Bigger contributions will receive a sign or banner with your businesses logo/brand strategically placed facing North and South bound traffic on Nevada Avenue

This marketing will enhance optimal advertizing for your business on Nevada Avenue during the remodeling phase announcing your business as a proud sponsor of the Christian Recovery Home.

The highest sponsorship level involves complete remodeling of a particular area. At the maximum funding stage your business will receive all of the above and the space you chose will be professionally decorated in your businesses colors scheme with your logo or brand placed noticeably within “your” room. And for that space to be officially called the name of your business, ie: the Home Depot Room.

Finally because of your business commitment to Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs and the new Christian Recovery Home, you, your family, all your friends, and all your employees will be invited to the Statewide ribbon cutting service involving all the other sponsors and the who’s who of Colorado to be held upon completion of all construction.

If you have a family member or friend with a drug or alcohol addiction call Victory Outreach Colorado Springs at (719) 477-0000.

For more information about these and many other sponsorship opportunities, including combination sponsorship at the up coming benefit concert at the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show, please contact me or Reverend Al Loma, Senior Pastor, Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs.

Please tell a friend!


Ray Lovett

Administrator, Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs

Founder and President, Gotta Lovett Promotions

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Comment by Erich H. on November 3, 2011 at 2:54pm
Tip: It's spelled 'advertising' :)


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