Are You Firing on All Cylinders?

Does your engine “miss” or hesitate upon starting?  Has your gas mileage decreased over time? 

Even though newer vehicles do not require regular “tune-ups” because of on-board computers and electronic ignition, your spark plugs still need regular replacement.  Each spark plug is a high voltage connector between two contact points.  When you turn the key, the spark from the plugs ignites the fuel, thereby starting your engine.  How long your spark plugs will last is dependent upon the type of spark plugs your car has, the condition of your engine, the grade of fuel you use, and even your driving habits. 

Older cars with copper core plugs require new plugs every 30,000 miles.  Platinum plugs should be changed every 60-100,000 miles and iridium plugs every 100,000 to 120,000 miles.  With time and mileage, the gap increases between the plug’s contact points (copper core), or, the plugs actually wear out internally (platinum/iridium).  Be sure the replacement plugs are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and are compatible with your particular vehicle.

Replacing your spark plugs at regular intervals will allow your vehicle to operate efficiently and could make the difference between being stranded when you least expect it or making it safely to your destination. 

Have your ASE technician take a look at your spark plugs next time you are in for regular maintenance!  

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