It’s a typical story of “overnight” success: last year the local band 6035 won’s Best Cover Band title and have experienced a steady rise in popularity since then.

The players are nowhere near new to the music scene; most of them are in their 40s and have been playing in bands most of their lives. Appropriately, they play classic rock—appealing to the baby boomer crowd, as well as boomers’ kids, who grew up listening to their parents’ music.

6035 is best known for sounding just like the original artists’ works—an “awesome” feat, according to countless enthusiastic fans. It’s fun for everyone because the songs are familiar enough to sing along with and get a lot of hips shaking.

6035 has been honing its tight rhythms for about 4 years, as band members have come and gone. You know how it is with bands: rarely do they keep the same players for long.

Vocalist Fritz Genato and drummer Rick Hilyard are the core of 6035 and have been rocking Colorado Springs together for close to 10 years. Both were part of Common Ground, which had one of its first gigs at Overtime Sports Bar & Grill on Dublin Blvd. Overtime is celebrating its 10th Anniversary on Sat., Feb. 18 and it’s appropo that they feature special guests 6035 for an over-the-top party.

Eventually Common Ground morphed into Tracer, which became THE-G, and finally 6035 rose up.

So why is the band named 6035? It’s of particular significance to Colorado Springs—because that’s our official altitude. Thus, it’s known as 6035 ~Rock with an Altitude.

Dave “Seed” Turnupseed has been wielding his “axe” of a guitar with 6035 for the past 3 years. Originally a California guy where he was no stranger to the music scene, since his transplant as a Colorado native he’s been tearing it up in Breach, Broken Suzen, and Toxic Waltz.

Baby of the group Toby Kinnaman (39) is known to the younger crowd in the area for some heavy guitar work in Psychodrama, Section 16, and MotherLoad, but he's not afraid of a little old school guitar distortion 

Bassist John "Jack Daniels" Strelec, most recent addition to 6035, is familiar to music connoisseurs up and down Ute Pass from the days when he played with the Riders. Out here on the plains, others have grooved with him and SDLH.

When 6035 won Best Local Cover Band last year, they won a recording session with Sunshine Studios, one of the finest facilities around. The result was a first-class demo that showcases the band’s talent. Check out the video on

The other prize was a concert appearance at Stargazers Theatre and Event Center—one of the finest music venues in the region. That’s where the band really took off. Owners John and Cindy Hooton knew quality when they heard 6035 during their "prize" performance, and consequently booked the band several times throughout the year, including a Halloween Dance Party, and all-ages New Year’s Eve Dance Party. Pictures of 6035's parties and so many people having fun can be seen on the band’s Facebook page (

Which brings us to’s 2011 Best Local Cover Band contest: voting started February 1st, and 6035 is defending their title.

While you’re online, head on over to and scroll about halfway down the page to the Best Local Band icon on the right. When you click on it, you’ll be taken to the Original Band category; click on the Cover Band link near the bottom. Take a listen to 6035’s entry: Life in the Fast Lane by The Eagles. If you like what you hear, check 6035’s schedule at so you’ll know where to go when you want a good time! (and please vote for 6035 while you’re there; you can vote 24x a day … thanks!)

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Comment by Cathy Genato on February 1, 2011 at 6:30pm
Thanks Katy! Thanks for the kudos on the pic ,,, I took it last weekend.
Comment by Katy Booth on February 1, 2011 at 4:47pm
Cathy -- this is a great story! Thanks so much for posting it -- I love the photo!


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