Air Force Academy graduate and Black Forest resident, Pastor, Mike Popovich, reveals a message of hope for his neighbors

For many of the victims of the recent wildfires the pain runs deeper than just the loss of homes, land, and personal property.  As our community works tirelessly to restore and rebuild, many noble efforts are focused on the immediate physical needs of those who have experienced loss.  However, something far greater may be eluding us.  Many are feeling a deep sense of uncertainty, even bereavement, and are asking: where do I go from here? Where have I gone wrong? Where is God? When faith reaches a low point and tragedy is at our front door, where do we look to find hope once again? In the midst of his own loss, I interviewed local businessman and Pastor, Mike Popovich.  He has offered up a bold message of hope for every one of us who are facing hardship.

Question: “With tragedies like the Black Forest fire, we hear the phrase "act of God” tossed around a lot and many people wonder: is God responsible?  What would you say to those folks?”

Pastor Mike: “I would tell them, God is not angry with you.  We live in a fallen world.  We have an enemy, and there truly is good vs. evil.   But, Jesus said ‘I've conquered it’.  Here's the good news.  Jesus said He's overcome.  So, if you've lost your home, your vehicles, you might even be in a shelter right now.  The good news is that God's going to restore you to a place even better.  He's not going to leave you there.  He's going to restore you beyond 100%, , because all things work for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.  This tragedy is not an "act of God".  The act of God you'll see is the restoration and the miracles you see when people hear the good news."

Question: “How are you planning to help your neighbors in the Black Forest community?”

Pastor Mike: "We understand when there are physical needs and things like that; Jesus always took care of both.  He took care of their physical needs, as well as their spiritual needs - He restored them to even better than their original status. Of course being affected, we have compassion on our local community who is suffering right now. Freedom Ministries and are actively looking for ways to help families with their physical needs, in fact we're planning a big event on July 13th, where we'll be able to help our neighbors, whether it's the elderly, single moms, etc., we especially want to encourage them to take care of their spiritual needs.” 


We talked with Fire Lt., Michael Archuleta, of Colorado Springs FD who said this: “Mike Popovich is a man that is respected in the community because of his compassion and care for others. Last year during the fires, Mike and his organization provided meals, hundreds  of water and Gatorade cases, and many more supplies that kept so many of our fire fighters going. This year, even though his family was impacted personally he’s still focused on sharing hope with others.”

God’s restoration plan may just be the solution we need to repair our homes and our hearts to a place that is better than we could imagine.  He isn’t angry with you, and He is not judging you. Rather His plan for your life is for total restoration. You can count on it.

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Comment by Chris Perez from Freedom on June 20, 2013 at 10:18pm

Thanks Stacie Doty for your thoughtful response...Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.  God bless.

Comment by Stacie Doty on June 20, 2013 at 8:11pm

When people say 'Act of God', I think what is meant is an act of nature.  God does not 'smite' a person or people because of displeasure.  I am personally waiting for Westboro to come around and start verbally abusing our community, because that is the sick way that they think.  Prayers and good thoughts to the area fire victims.  A heart felt thanks to everyone that is helping those in need. 


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