We here at Colorado BBQ Outfitters never let weather get in the way of our cooking!

Cold weather does not mean you cannot BBQ or smoke your foods.

In fact, cold weather is the BEST time to do cold smokes. What are cold smokes?

Smoking food that has already been cooked or does not need to be cooked involves cold smoking. My personal favorite food to cold smoke is cheese!

As with just about all smoking or BBQing, it is very simple to do. You can use virtually any grill/smoker to do it as well.

What you need:

  • A grill – any kind will do. You will not be turning it on at all
  • A way to generate smoke. I recommend the A-Maze-N  smoker box that we carry the store. You can add pellets to it and light it and it will generate smoke for up to 10 hours.
  • Food to smoke

The beauty of cold smoking during the winter is nature has cooled off everything for you. In order to cold smoke in warmer temps you have to add ice in your grill to keep the ambient temperature down. During the winter, Mother Nature does it for you.

It’s as simple as getting blocks of cheese (I find that Sam’s or Costco work best) and cutting them up in smaller pieces.

Arrange them on the grill. I also recommend nonstick grilling mesh for this.

Light the smoker box (regardless of which brand or type you use), set it on the grates near the food, close the lid, and let it go.

How long you smoke it depends on how much smoky flavor you want to impart to the food. I usually go about an hour or so.

Understand that the cold smoke process I am referring to involves cheese or precooked meats, etc. Although you can use cold smoking for meats, it is not something I typically do as it takes a great deal of preparation and must be done much, much longer.

Get out there and enjoy the colder weather BBQ/smoking! 

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