Your letter or phone call could make a difference, please help

Please help!  The Court which is an Alzheimer’s care center is kicking out our 86 year old Aunt because her monies have run out and the nursing care facility is refusing to wait until her Medicaid kicks in. They won't even take into consideration that Lillie has paid out of the pocket over $6,000 a month these past two and half years.

Medicaid has been applied for and the facility knows they will get their money how on earth can
they give an 86 year old Alzheimer woman a 30 day eviction???? Did you know physicians report that changing locales is difficult on an Alzheimer’s patient and could lead to their demise?

This story is so important, and this is happening all over the United States. We need to highlight this and help to make some changes. The Medicaid system takes too long to kick in and nursing
homes won't always wait for their money.

My 86 year old aunt doesn't understand what is going on and she can not speak up for herself but we can, please help.

Alzheimer’s is stealing her mind and the nursing facility is throwing her to the curb instead of giving her a few months so that her Medicaid will kick in.

This has to stop, please contact the Court and ask them to reconsider and allow Lillie Schaal to stay until her Medicaid kicks in.

A move could just be the thing that kills her and we don't want this to be the way in which she goes.

Please help make a call and help convince the Court to let Lillie stay until Medicaid kicks in.

Court Alzheimer’s Care Facility, they advertise that it is a place for Mom to call home. Call or write and ask them to live up to their slogan.


Court Alzheimer's Care Facility

2850 North Academy Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80917

(719) 637-0877

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Comment by Teila Tankersley on July 26, 2011 at 5:55pm
Thanks Bob, I know you too have a loved one that has Alzheimers.
Comment by Bob Stephens on July 26, 2011 at 5:28pm
I feel your pain, Teila. Hang in there!
Comment by Teila Tankersley on July 26, 2011 at 5:11pm
A gut wrenching conclusion.  Lillie's daughter who was just diagnosed not too long ago with  muscular dystrophy was devastated when without warning they were told that Lillie was being evicted, she felt helpless and confused. She lives in California and had to handle everything by phone and email. She asked the facility to work with her and even got a lawyer but the Court was adamant that they'd evict Lillie if she didn't pay asap. Medical professionals had warned them that if Lillie was moved from the facility it could be her demise and she didn't want that on their shoulders.  So her and her husband took out a loan, I think the Court took off a few hundred dollars for them but in the mean time they downgraded her room.  This should never have happen. These care facilities should be educating families on their choices and what they need to do. The family thought they couldn't apply until they qualified for Medicaid and by the time they qualified it was too late. We had Nita Rae Ministries come down on Saturday to minister and sing to the residents and it was a bittersweet day, we were happy that her daughter had come up with the loan to pay the Court so that she could stay but we felt betrayed by  Emeritus Senior Living they could have done more. It's ironic just a few months ago they highlighted Lillie's art at their auction to raise money for the facility. Tanisha is there every week to help with the care of Lillie and in return Lillie's family was treated poorly at least from my perceptive. Lillie's invested and planned for her retirement and she now has to rely on her daughter to pay her bills, with that in mind I know that I can't afford to get old, I ain't got $6,000 a month lol
Comment by Bob Stephens on July 26, 2011 at 3:10pm
Hopefully, this is an all's-well-that-ends-well scenario for all concerned, and especially Lillie! Thanks for posting an update.
Comment by Emeritus Senior Living on July 26, 2011 at 1:22pm
After a meeting that included the community's leadership, Lillie's family, and the state Ombudsman, we are happy to report that Lillie’s family has made arrangements to pay her care costs while they wait to see if she qualifies for Medicaid. Lillie is a valued member of our community and we are delighted that we can hold an apartment for her, and continue to care for her at the community.
Comment by Teila Tankersley on July 18, 2011 at 4:55pm

Call the Court at (719) 637-0877 and ask them to stop the eviction process on this dear sweet lady. A move right now is not in Lillie's best interest. Alzheimer’s has destroyed her memories but we won't let the Court destroy her stability. Your call can help Lillie and it will also send a message to this nursing facility, people should be treated with dignity. There is no reason to kick anyone to the curb, if this facility would have only helped the patient and their families work out these details before it got to this point. Lillie's family would love to have her at home however because of her Alzheimer’s that it just not possible.

Comment by Teila Tankersley on July 18, 2011 at 4:40pm
Lillie requires 24/7 care because of her Alzheimers. Her family would take her if they could but they can not provide the round the clock care that she needs. Her family is active in her life but they need an Alzheimer's facility to keep Lillie safe. Call the Court and ask them to kindly wait until Lillie's Medicaid kicks in, they will get their money. 
Comment by Tanisha Tankersley on July 17, 2011 at 7:12pm

I realize that there are not alot of facilities that are equipped to handle Alzhemier patients but why are they charging $6,000 a month?  Their employees make just a little over mimium wage something is not right her.  In fact they don't even provide medical care she goes to her PCP for that and her niece transports her, why are they refusing to wait until Medicaid kicks in?  This is not right...  I say fire management and start all over...... 


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